Traditional Braces in Crofton, MD

Traditional wire-based braces are still among the most effective and trusted orthodontic treatments people could get to correct jaw and teeth misalignment. These oral appliances comprise small brackets connected with an archwire.

At Stoute Dental, our orthodontist helps place traditional braces in patients needing to straighten their teeth. Dental technology advancements have made braces smaller, sleeker, and more comfortable.

Receiving Metal Braces

An orthodontist in Crofton, MD, completely dries the teeth and applies orthodontic glue with dental cement in the middle area of every tooth. The orthodontist then places the brackets. Once the brackets solidify, the braces specialist places wires to keep the brackets aligned. Small elastic bands help provide gentle pressure that moves the teeth to target positions.

After you have received your metal braces, you will need to visit our dental office every 4 to 6 weeks to have them tightened. This helps create steady pressure to straighten the teeth and gradually push the jaw to alignment.

Your orthodontic treatment may take 12 to 24 months. Once you are done with wearing the braces, you must put on a retainer to prevent the newly positioned teeth from shifting back to the undesired position.

What Issues Can Braces Correct?

Braces help correct crowded and crooked teeth. They also help correct a misaligned bite. People may seek traditional braces also to correct jaw problems. Furthermore, traditional braces can help eliminate problems with speaking, eating, or keeping teeth clean.

Braces for Adults and Kids

Although braces work the same way for adults and kids in correcting bite issues, there is still a slight difference because of the nature of the adult and kids’ jaws. When a patient is an adult, their jaws have formed completely, unlike young patients whose jaws are still developing. The treatment is likely to take longer in adults than in kids because it takes more time for the braces to influence the movement of the teeth and jaw.

Visit Stoute Dental today to meet our orthodontist in Crofton, MD, who will fit traditional braces to align your teeth and jaw.

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