Tooth Extractions in Crofton, MD

Extraction is a dental procedure that dentists and patients both like to avoid. Dentists understand that artificial tooth replacements aren’t as great as natural teeth despite recent advances. It’s also understandable that patients don’t want to lose their teeth and have them replaced. At Stoute Dental in Crofton, MD, we only recommend extraction if it’s in the patient’s best interests.

There are many reasons to extract a tooth. Fortunately, we know how to make your extraction as smooth as it can be. Rest assured that we’ll use sedation as necessary to keep you comfortable during the procedure.

Extraction Indications

At Stoute Dental, we regularly perform wisdom tooth extractions. Wisdom teeth aren’t essential and don’t need to be replaced after removal. They don’t erupt in many people, to begin with. The main problem with wisdom teeth is that they can lead to overcrowding or damage the molars in front of them.

Teeth might also need to be extracted after trauma. If it’s not possible to salvage a heavily damaged tooth, it can be best to remove it and replace it with an implant or a bridge. It can also be essential to remove a dead and infected tooth, so it doesn’t infect nearby teeth or distant organs.

Replacement Options

We can offer a variety of replacement options after extraction in Crofton, MD. Dental implants are attached to the patient’s jawbone using a titanium screw. The artificial tooth covering is then placed over the screw once we confirm that it’s firmly attached. Dental bridges are also great alternatives, but they attach to adjacent healthy teeth rather than directly to the jawbone. Patients interested in a removable option can opt for dentures.

As mentioned earlier, wisdom teeth, also known as 3rd molars, are non-essential. If you never grow wisdom teeth or have them removed, you don’t need to worry about replacing them. It’s also possible to have wisdom teeth that don’t cause any issues if your jaw can accommodate them.

Dental extraction is something we can do efficiently and while keeping patients comfortable. We’ll also give you instructions on what to do after the procedure.

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