First Visit Expectations

Your initial visit to Stoute Dental is a significant step in your dental care journey. During this visit, we prioritize building a strong rapport and understanding between our team and you. This foundation is crucial for achieving our shared objective of enhancing and maintaining your dental health.

For some patients, the first visit may involve addressing an emergency or urgent concern. If that is the case, rest assured that we will promptly attend to your emergency needs and ensure your comfort. In the absence of an emergency, your first visit will encompass several essential components.

During your first visit, we will conduct x-rays, perform a comprehensive examination of the soft tissues including lips, cheeks, tongue, and gums, administer a non-invasive oral cancer screening, chart your existing restorations, take intra-oral photos, and develop a treatment plan. This comprehensive examination typically lasts approximately one hour.

Please note that a dental cleaning is typically not performed during the first visit. We have found that each patient’s cleaning needs vary, and without a thorough examination, it is challenging to determine the appropriate type and duration of cleaning required. To ensure the best possible treatment, it is essential to allocate adequate time for preventive care. Subsequent visits will include both cleaning and checkups.

After taking necessary x-rays, your dentist will have a discussion with you to address your concerns and preferences. If your condition necessitates complex planning, a separate consultation, known as a “review of findings,” may be required. There is no additional charge for this consultation.

Once a treatment plan is proposed, you will receive a detailed computerized printout outlining the plan and associated fees. Additionally, you will be provided with a personalized Financial Options form that explains the payment methods available at our office.

We eagerly anticipate meeting you during your first visit and embarking on a successful dental care journey together!

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