Oral Cancer Screenings in Crofton, MD

Oral cancer, also cancer of the mouth, affects the oral cavity tissues, including the lips, tongue, roof of the mouth, and even the gums. When caught in good time, oral cancer is treatable through various interventions, including radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and surgery.

Oral cancer screenings in Crofton, MD, are an excellent preventive measure against oral cancer. Oral cancer screenings are safe, painless, and recommended for patients of all ages, especially those at high risk of oral cancer. If you have a smoking habit, have been exposed to human papillomavirus (HPV), have a family history of cancer, and are above the age of 18, it would be best to schedule regular oral cancer screenings every year.

Stoute Dental is a leading and preferred dental practice that provides oral cancer screenings near you. We welcome you to book a comprehensive screening with our dentists in Crofton, MD.

What to Expect

Our dentists near you start by visually inspecting your oral cavity tissues to check for cancerous signs. Common oral cancer symptoms include red or white patches, lumps, persistent sores, and bad breath. The dentist will also ask if you’re experiencing pain in your ear, mouth, and facial areas.

Next, the dentist may use a special light or dye to highlight cancerous cells. If the dentist detects any troublesome symptoms, the next step is to refer you for a biopsy test. It’s important to note that oral cancer screenings aren’t diagnostic. As such, only a biopsy can offer a definitive diagnosis.

If the biopsy test comes back positive, the next step is to get you started on the appropriate treatment to stop cancer in its tracks. If the dentist determines that there’s no cause for worry, then you can go home with the assurance that everything is okay.

Benefits of Oral Cancer Screenings

Stoute Dental encourages patients to prioritize oral cancer screenings as a way to safeguard their oral health.

As is the case with most cancer, oral cancer responds favorably to treatment when detected early. Our dentists are trained to identify cancerous symptoms that may not be obvious to the untrained eye. We also utilize advanced dental technology during the screening phase.

What’s more, our dentist can catch other dental issues unrelated to cancer during your screening. This way, you can get started on the appropriate dental treatment to prevent complications and tooth loss down the road.

Are you searching for a friendly and welcoming dental practice that is well-versed in oral cancer screenings near you? Call Stoute Dental today to book a visit with our dentists in Crofton, MD.

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